We Are The Experts and Your Partner In Fleet Safety & DOT Compliance

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DOT Compliance help is here! Especially Now, with the CSA scores and the DOT's Safety Measurement System (SMS) in Full Force.

Many Companies and Many Individual Drivers have already been Shut Down by the DOT. We are Here to Keep This From Happening to You.

Vogel Safety SeminarsVogel Safety & Risk, Inc. is a team of Fleet Safety Professionals and DOT Compliance Experts committed to promoting trucking safety by providing necessary training and other services relative to FMCSA/DOT regulations.

Our Services Include, But are not limited to:

  • Outsource us to be your Safety Department
  • DOT Training On Demand
  • DOT Compliance Workshops - Learn what the DOT expects from you
  • DOT Seminars - Our instructors have over 29 years experience
  • Customized Safety Program Development
  • Mock DOT Audits (DOT Compliance Reviews) - Find your issues before the DOT does
  • Driver Evaluations and Profiles - Don't settle for a seat warmer, get the best drivers
  • Drivers' Log Audits - The DOT expects you to audit logs and to correct violations with the use of retraining and/or disciplinary action.  Join other companies who have us conduct these audits on their behalf
  • Mandatory Supervisors  Drug & Alcohol Training
  • Onsite Training (HazMat Training, Defensive Driving Course, etc.)
  • Onsite Consultation
  • DOT Compliance Needs Analysis - We'll find out your needs even if you don't know what they are, regarding DOT compliance
  • Client Retainer Program - Keep us on retainer to assist your staff and to represent your company during DOT visits or Insurance Renewals
  • There is nothing written in stone.  We Have Many More Customized Services as Desired

Trust your professional training needs to the experts, rather than the many people who are in it for the money.

Trust your Safety Needs to Vogel Safety, the Experienced Safety Professionals; Because We Really Care.